ND mom who fought for tougher DUI law cited for DUI

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A North Dakota mother of two boys killed by a drunken driver last summer, who stood behind Gov. Jack Dalrymple as he signed a bill requiring stricter penalties for drunken driving, has been cited for driving under the influence, Forum Communications reports.

Sandra P. Hernandez, 30, of Souris, was cited after rolling her car Saturday morning not far from Newburg in north-central North Dakota, Forum reports. She was also cited for not immediately reporting the accident and leaving the scene, Forum reports.

Hernandez and her husband, Juan Ruiz, were public advocates for stronger DUI laws after their sons, Alaries Ruiz, 5, and Cyris Ruiz, 9, were killed in a DUI-related incident at a campground last year.

The two were among those gathered with the governor just last week as he signed into law a bill that raised the fine for DUI convictions and created tougher penalties for repeat offenders. Hernandez hugged Dalrymple after the ceremony.

Rep. Kim Koppelman, R-West Fargo, said he was sorry to hear about the case and hopes Hernandez is OK. “It demonstrates, just drives home again, what a serious problem we have with drinking and driving in North Dakota,” he told Forum.

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