ND students disciplined after dressing in KKK-like attire


Three freshman students at Red River High School face punishment after showing up at a hockey game Friday night in white hoods and robes, resembling costumes worn by the Ku Klux Klan.

The district won't say what disciplinary action has been taken due to student privacy concerns.

"We've used a big hammer," Dr. Larry Nybladh, superintendent of Grand Forks Schools, tells WDAZ.

Punishment could range from suspension, a temporary ban on school activities and letters of apology.

The practice of wearing white to hockey games is a tradition popularized by the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets and UND has also adopted the practice in recent years.

Nybladh says the students wore the costumes during Red River’s state semifinals game Friday against the Fargo Davies for about a minute until other students in the crowd told them it was offensive.

Davies High School was named in honor of Ron Davies, a Fargo-based federal district judge whose 1957 rulings integrated Central High School in Little Rock, Ark.

Red River Principal Kristopher Arason tells the Grand Forks Herald that the school may use the incident as part of the social studies curriculum surrounding the civil rights movement.

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