Nearly 20 pounds of meth seized in Rochester after multi-agency investigation


A major drug bust in Rochester has ended in three arrests, criminal charges against two of the suspects, and the seizure of nearly half a million dollars in methamphetamine.

The suspects had apparently been under watch by multiple agencies in a two-state investigation, with authorities finally pouncing on them after a "scheduled drug buy" in a parking lot on Wednesday, the Post Bulletin reports.

The paper says the meth – nearly 20 pounds of it – was found inside a vehicle belonging to one of the suspects, but not without a bit of a fight.

Driver Adan Margritos Flores-Lagonas fled in the vehicle and briefly led police on a high-speed chase before losing control of the car in a field, surrendering himself shortly thereafter, according to ABC 6.

He is currently in custody in Olmsted County, where he's been charged with attempting to evade officers – and felony possession of a pistol, apparently having had a prior firearm conviction, the county website indicates.

ABC 6 says the value of the seized meth is an estimated $432,000, though the Post Bulletin says it's worth about $1 million.

Either way, the suspects are potentially facing serious consequences. Under state law, the sale of ten grams of more of "any mixture of substance containing methamphetamine" can carry a penalty of up to 30 years' in prison, not to mention hefty fines.

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