Nearly a century after it sank, Lake Superior ore boat's wreckage found


One of the most sought-after lost shipwrecks in Lake Superior is apparently lost no more.

A ship found under more than 500 feet of water about 30 miles off of Marquette, Michigan, is believed to be the Henry B. Smith. The freighter sank in a November storm in 1913. All 25 crew members perished in the wreck and only two bodies were recovered.

Longtime shipwreck hunter Jerry Eliason of Cloquet was part of the group that located the ship. Eliason tells the Duluth News Tribune it's the most satisfying find of his career.

Years of research helped the hunters narrow their search area and when sonar indicated a find, the group lowered a camera and shot video that they shared with the News Tribune.

The Marquette Maritime Museum has more on the wreck of the Henry B. Smith and on the 1913 storm, which lasted six days and spread across all of the Great Lakes.

Eliason's previous finds include the barge Ontario, a 1927 wreck that was located in the Apostle Islands last summer.

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