Need a boost for an early flight? New MSP Dunkin' Donuts opens at 4:30 a.m.

Dunkin' continues its MN expansion; MSP wants to counter the 'airport food's too expensive' gripe

Travelers arriving at the Twin Cities airport have a new option for a caffeine/sugar boost. Dunkin' Donuts is the latest addition to the MSP dining scene.

The Metropolitan Airports Commission says the addition of Dunkin' to the mall in Terminal 1-Lindbergh gives travelers "a well-known choice for great food."

This week's opening pushes two developments further down the road: the revamping of the airport's dining choices and the return of Dunkin' Donuts to Minnesota.

Airport food

The Airports Commission says it's been "reimagining" the food options at Minneapolis-St. Paul International.

Dunkin' Donuts joins a list of recent openings that includes the craft beer restaurant Stone Arch, a pub called Republic that features live music, and the "street food and craft cocktails" of LoLo American Kitchen.

Still in the works are a wine bar, a Minnesota Twins-themed bar and grill, and a Black Sheep coal fired pizza restaurant, among others.

What's Dunkin' Donuts' role in this new roster of gustatory offerings? For one thing, it gives the airport a name that's familiar around the country. What's more, an airport official tells the Business Journal "'s also able to answer the perception of 'everything is expensive at the airport.'"

The Dunkin' expansion in Minnesota

After disappearing from Minnesota for years, Dunkin' Donuts has re-established a foothold in the state and wants to add a lot more stores.

It started with a location in downtown Rochester, added one in Duluth, and reached the Twin Cities last week by opening a New Hope store that KSTP says has been extremely busy.

The Business Journal says Dunkin' plans to open dozens more in the state over the next few years if it can find franchisees.

We're looking at you, Rochester

Did we mention there's a Rochester store? Because Dunkin' Donuts mentions Rochester a couple of times in its Tuesday announcement.

Even while promoting the new airport location, the company notes that "franchise opportunities remain available in Rochester," and that there are special development incentives in the market.

As for the airport location, Dunkin' Donuts says it will employ 40 people and will be open from 4:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

A company vice-president says they're also looking forward to welcoming franchisees in the Rochester area.

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