Need a good glass of tap water? St. Cloud's was named best-tasting in MN


If you're looking for a good glass of tap water, head to St. Cloud.

Judges at this week's American Water Works Conference in Duluth voted St. Cloud's tap water the best-tasting in Minnesota, the St. Cloud Times reports.

How does a tap water tasting contest work?

First the water contestants were narrowed down to three: Bloomington, Duluth and St. Cloud.

Then, the Duluth News Tribune says four judges were served three room temperature glasses of each. Apparently that's how you get the purest taste.

And three of the four judges put St. Cloud's water – which comes from the Mississippi River – at the number one spot.

Jon Eaton, the AWWA vice president, told the Tribune that water tasting is different from wine or whiskey tastings in that judges aren't looking any notes or flavors.

“You’re looking for no taste,” he told the paper. “Any smells and tastes just shouldn’t be there.”

So no chlorine, metallic flavors or mustiness.

This isn't the first time St. Cloud's been recognized for its drinking water.

WJON says the city won a people's choice poll for best tap water at the State Fair, too.

And in 2011, the source says St. Cloud also won the statewide contest.

Next up, St. Cloud will compete in a national taste competition, representing Minnesota in June at the AWWA national convention in Philadelphia.

The Times says last year, Bloomington won both the state and national tap water contests.

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