Negative: Few cities above zero, as frigid weather sweeps into MN overnight


Temperatures dropped to uncomfortable depths overnight, and Minnesotans are waking up almost exclusively to zero-degrees-or-below weather Thursday morning.

A glance strictly at air temperatures shows a state low of negative 27 degrees in Fosston, up in northwest Minnesota, with a few minus 26 readings a bit northeast in International Falls and Crane Lake.

It's zero in St. Paul, and a couple degrees colder than that in Minneapolis. The rest of the state – save for a couple lucky spots – are facing equal or lower temperatures.

The lone positives? A reading of 1 degrees in Luverne, and 3 degrees in Winona Municipal.

With the wind chills it feels even colder, and is reaching "dangerous" levels, the weather service says.

There's a wind chill advisory in effect for portions of west and central Minnesota until 8 a.m., and one for northern and northeast Minnesota until 9 a.m.

Here's a chart that shows you how long it takes for exposed skin to become frostbitten in the conditions we're facing this morning.

 A huge change from yesterday

So what exactly does this cold look like?

Well, it's significantly colder than it was at this time Wednesday morning, with temps having fallen significantly. The Twin Cities National Weather Service shows the 24-hour change in this map:

Today's forecast

Expect a chilly day overall, with temperatures reaching single digits or low teens as the highs for most areas. Click here to find your city.

Twin Cities: Mostly sunny with a high of 10. Winds 5-10 mph starting N/NW, but turning S/SW later in the day. Overnight, a 40 percent chance of snow. [Click here for more]

Duluth: A high reaching about 8, with walm wind and mostly sunny skies. A 40 percent chance of snow overnight into Friday. [Click here for more]

Rochester: A day that gets cloudier as it continues. High of 8, but wind chills hanging well below zero. Possible snow very early Friday. [Click here for more]

Moorhead: Below-zero or single-digit temperatures throughout the day, with a chance of snow this afternoon (and more overnight). [Click here for more]

Marshall: Temps could reach 18 degrees, but with more clouds rolling in as the day goes on. Winds 5-10 mph, becoming south in the afternoon. Snow before midnight is very likely. [Click here for more]

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