'Neighbor from Hell' speaks about battle with former White Bear neighbors


Lori E. Christensen, the so-called "neighbor from hell" whose story has drawn international attention, granted KARE 11 a sit-down exclusive interview in light of her guilty plea Monday to violating a restraining order.

"It's unfortunate that this thing has snow balled," Christensen tells the station.

This thing is a long-running confrontation with her former neighbors in White Bear Lake, Kim and Greg Hoffman, that began about five years ago after a run-of-the-mill dispute between their children.

Monday, Christensen, 50, pleaded guilty to violating a restraining order after she videotaped the Hoffmans. There was a laundry list of behavior toward the Hoffmans documented, including repeatedly calling police and city inspectors – on one occasion on a false report about a car with a flat tire in a driveway, and another time because she said paper blew in her yard.

She also often posted signs on her garage and house that seemed directed toward the Hoffmans.

"Did I do anything wrong?" Christensen says to KARE 11. "Probably putting some of those signs out, but really it was my first amendment right."

Other accusations include mocking Kim Hoffman about her alcoholism recovery, posting huge signs on her garage door insulting her neighbors, lifting her shirt to flash her neighbors, and making lewd gestures to the Hoffmans' eight-year-old daughter.

Christensen’s plea agreement calls for community service, 10 years probation, a 10-year “stay-away order” from the neighborhood and a 10-year no-contact order with the Hoffman family, according to the Star Tribune.

More than a year ago, Christensen's court appearances began making news, when she had to spend some time in the Ramsey County workhouse over the neighborly battle.

Christensen says she's the one who was being harassed, telling the station, "My life for the last three years (was) videotaped."

Here's the KARE 11 interview:

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