New deal on Peavey Plaza


At least Orchestra Hall's neighbor has reached a settlement.

The Minneapolis City Council agreed Friday to rehab the site instead of demolish it, as the city had originally wanted. Negotiations have been underway for months with members of the Preservation of Alliance of Minnesota and the Washington D.C.-based Cultural Landscape Foundation, which argued that Peavey Plaza has historic importance. The deal is expected to be approved by the city council.

According to the Star Tribune, the two sides agreed on a list of $2.3 million worth of improvements such as wheelchair accessibility and rebuilding broken stairs. They say they will continue working together to raise the money needed to fix up the plaza.

Two years ago, the city met with opposition when it unveiled plans to raise $10 million to redo the space with sunken pools, lines of dancing fountains and a video wall.

Earlier this year. the National Register of Historic Places recognized the 1975 creation of M. Paul Friedberg as a gem of Modernist design.

The New York Times reported on the debate in May 2012.

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Preservationists aim to save Peavey Plaza

The city's planning department says Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis is unsafe, inaccessible and too expensive to maintain, and officials want to replace it with a newly designed park they say will better suit the city's needs. But historic preservationists see the plaza as a significant work of modernist architecture and they're fighting to save it.

Peavey Plaza's fate heads to City Council

The Minneapolis Zoning and Planning Committee voted 5-1 Thursday to override the city's Heritage Preservation Commission's objections and allow for the demolition of Peavey Plaza. The measure will go to the entire city council for a vote later this month. It is expected to pass.

NY Times spotlights Peavey Plaza debate

The New York Times' Arts & Design page has its own take on the debate over what to do with Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis. Preservationists want to improve it. But the city has commissioned a complete redesign.