New documents on Philando Castile, St. Anthony officers and the robbery released

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There's new information in the Philando Castile case – including information on the officers, Castile's girlfriend, and the robbery that happened days prior. This information comes from documents the City of St. Anthony released Thursday afternoon at the request of news organizations.

BringMeTheNews has been compiling all the public documents in regards to the Castile case on this page.

Here's a look at the new info.

Castile's one previous arrest

Castile was arrested in 2011 and went to Hennepin County Jail for driving after having his license revoked. It's his only arrest St. Anthony has on record.

The documents say an Officer Yanez booked Castile into the jail; however, nothing specifies if this is the same Yanez involved in the shooting.

The arrest happened on Nov. 23 – a document released earlier shows Yanez started his job with St. Anthony police on Nov. 4, just weeks prior.

On the armed robbery

There was a report of an armed robbery at a Super America on Larpenteur Avenue in Lauderdale. It happened the first week of July, four days before Castile was shot and killed.

Two officers, including Yanez, responded and were given a description of the suspects.

According to the report, they took about $700 worth of cash and cigarettes. Most of the 7-page report is redacted, with the city saying it's an "active investigation."

KARE 11 obtained dispatch audio at one point that indicated Castile was pulled over July 6 because he matched the description of a robbery suspect. The city has said it cant authenticate that audio.

Still not much on first aid

As far as what kind of aid Castile may or may not have received after being shot, there's still not a lot of information.

The city says it turned over that information for the investigation. However, there are currently no lawsuits against police in regards to that.

No officer complaints

The city attorney for Saint Anthony says neither of the officers involved in the shooting – Jeronimo Yanez and Joseph Kauser – had a history of complaints. Their records are clean.

Yanez doesn't have a record of other shootings, either.

City officials are still processing other data on the officers, though. Exactly what, the document does not say.

No more reports on Diamond Reynolds

Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, doesn't have a history with the St. Anthony police. The city attorney says there aren't any prior police reports or incident reports involving her.

You can't have photos of the officers

There's an update on some information that is not public: Photographs.

It's apparently a law that police departments can't give pictures of employees or former employees to the public because that's considered "private personal data."

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