New for this year's Nice Ride season: Flat rate pricing and a new smartphone app

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Nice Ride season is just around the corner.

Nice Ride Minnesota announced this week that stations will start popping up in Twin Cities neighborhoods next week, with the goal of making bikes available around April 3.

There will be 190 stations in the Twin Cities to start the season, with eight new stations going in by mid-summer around the University of Minnesota.

Also new this year is flat rate rental pricing. Customers who walk up to the stations and want to ride a bike will have two different options – pay $4 per half hour or buy a three-day pass for $10. The pass allows people to take unlimited 30-minute rides over the three days, but longer trips will cost more.

Nice Ride says it expects the cost-per-ride will go down, and the pricing will encourage more people to use the bikes.

The other membership options are still available, click here for more information on those.

Nice Ride is also launching a new app this spring. Customers will be able to rent a bike from their phone without using a pay station.

Last year, people took 483,233 rides on Nice Ride, the company says, and since the green bikes first hit the streets in 2010, there have been over 1.75 million rides.

There's also Nice Ride in Bemidji. The company's website say when the 2016 riding season may begin, but a post on its Facebook page says the orange bikes may be available by early April.

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