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New high school forced to close after 2 weeks because of low enrollment


A brand new charter high school in downtown Minneapolis is closing after just two weeks.

Mill City High School wrote on Facebook this week it was expecting, and had budgeted for, 120 students. Instead it got just 42, making it a "financially untenable" situation. That forced the school to close its doors.

Here's the full post.

The low enrollment put the school in a situation where it would receive very little per-pupil funding from the state, the Journal writes.

It was located on an entire floor in the education wing of First Covenant Church, the Journal reports, and renovations delayed the school's opening by a couple weeks. But the high school's director, Malik Bush, told the paper he doesn't know if that was a factor in the low enrollment numbers.

The idea for the high school started in 2011, according to its website, and was shaped around four key elements: "Global Classical Studies, Mastery Learning, Integrative Learning, and Complexity Studies."

The vision for the charter school was a "diverse, inclusive, supportive, and transformational learning environment" that helped students understand "complex systems to issues of justice, equity, and sustainability."

The first day of class was Sept. 15. The last day will be Friday, Sept. 25.

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