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New incentive program created to lure filmmakers to Iron Range


The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board has created a new incentive program to entice filmmakers to shoot movies on the Iron Range, the Crookston Times reported.

The board on Thursday approved the program -- which consists of $800,000 in funds to be used to reimburse up to 20 percent of costs if filmmakers choose to shoot on the Iron Range.

The incentive comes just as the Minnesota Film and Television commission has renewed its efforts to attract more projects to shoot in the state.

The commission announced a month ago that the dramedy "Thanksgiving at Denny's" will be shot on the Iron Range, and that the film's production partners -- who have significant ties to the state -- plan to shoot "multiple feature projects in Minnesota over the next decade."

The Iron Range previously was used to shoot the true-life drama “North Country,” starring Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Jeremy Renner and Frances McDormand, was shot in and around Chisolm, Eveleth and Virginia, among other places, in 2005.

"North Country" ended up earning Theron an Oscar nomination for Best Actress -- and brought a reported $5 million in production dollars to the area.

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