New list switches up most popular names for Minnesota babies


The Social Security Administration on Thursday released its state-by-state breakdown of the most popular baby names. The lists, which you can link to here, are a result of information submitted to the federal agency in 2013 by the parents of newborns.

There are new top names chosen by Minnesota parents for both baby boys and girls. The 2013 top ranked name for boys is William, chosen by 352 families, and the favorite for girls is Olivia, selected by 365 families.

Minnesota's 2013 Top Baby Names
1. Olivia
2. Emma
3. Sophia
4. Ava
5. Charlotte
6. Evelyn
7. Isabella
8. Harper
9. Amelia
10. Avery
1. William
2. Liam
3. Mason
4. Henry
5. Logan
6. Benjamin
7. Owen
8. Jack
9. Jackson
10. Noah

The biggest change was spotted in the favorite names for Minnesota baby boys, where top-ranked William is now followed by Liam and Mason. In the previous year in Minnesota, the top three boys names were Mason, William and Ethan. Nationally, the top three boys names for 2013, as determined by the Social Security data, were Noah, Liam and Jacob.

For Minnesota boys, the name Logan grew in popularity, from 10th place in 2012 to fifth in 2013. Ethan, in third place last year, fell out of the top 10, while the name Jack is back in the top 10, in the eighth-most popular position.

For Minnesota baby girls, there's simply a switch in order for the top three names. Now Olivia is followed by Emma and Sophia as the top three names in 2013. In 2012, Emma ranked first, followed by Olivia and Sophia. Nationally, the top three 2013 names for girls are, in order, Sophia, Emma and Olivia.

Moving down the list of top names for baby girls born in Minnesota, there is more variety. In the 2013 list, three new names appear in the top 10 that were not in last year's top 10. Charlotte is fifth, Harper is eighth and Amelia shows up in the ninth position. Last year's seventh-most popular name, Ella, is no longer in the top 10. Neither is Grace, which had been ninth, or Abigail, which was 10th.

Looking at the top three names in other states in the region, Iowa parents chose Emma as the top name for girls, followed by Harper and Sophia, while the top three boys names, in order, are Liam, Mason and Carter. In North Dakota, where there's been a baby boom related to the oil boom, the top three girls names, in order, are Emma, Olivia and Harper, and on the blue side of the ledger, it's Mason, Liam and William.

South Dakota parents chose Emma most often, followed by Harper and Sophia, and Liam, followed by Noah and Carter for boys. Emma is also the top girl's name in Wisconsin, followed by Olivia and Ava. For boys, Liam is first, followed by Mason and William.

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