New map: Most dangerous intersections for Minneapolis pedestrians


The Star Tribune has a new interactive map for anyone who uses roads or sidewalks in Minneapolis: The most dangerous intersections for pedestrians.

The newspaper used pedestrian-vehicle accident data to map out the city points where walkers are most likely to be hurt, and notes that there were more than 900 crashes between vehicles and pedestrians from 2010 to 2013.

The worst spots, by number of injuries/fatalities:

– Franklin Avenue and Nicollet Avenue

– Lake Street West and Blaisdell Avenue

– Lake Street West and Lyndale Avenue

– Cedar Avenue and Riverside Avenue

– Hennepin Avenue and 4th Street South

At Nicollet and Franklin Avenues, there were 11 pedestrians injured in the three-year span, typically caused by pedestrians crossing into traffic.

A few other facts gleaned from the data analyzed by the Star Tribune:

– The most common months for pedestrian-car incidents: October and November. Most common time: between 6 and 7 p.m.

– The most common driver mistake was failure to yield right-of-way. The most common walker mistakes include crossing into traffic, crossing without a signal or crosswalk and crossing against traffic signals.

– Most of the worst corridors are county roads, with about 100 crashes on Lake Street (County Road 3), with another 77 on Franklin Avenue (County Road 5).

Statewide, there were 40 pedestrian deaths and 878 pedestrian injuries in 2012, the most recent year available from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

Statewide fatalities in recent years (from state report pdf):

2011 – 40 deaths; 857 injuries
2010 – 36; 808
2009 – 41; 883
2008 – 25; 860
2007 - 33; 957
2006 – 48; 915
2005 – 44; 938
2004 – 37; 963
2003 – 52; NA

After nearly a decade of decline, the percentage of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents was on the rise nationally and in Minnesota, MinnPost reported in 2012. Pedestrians were one of the few groups of road users to experience an increase in fatalities in the United States in 2011, totaling 4,432 deaths, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported.

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The 20 most dangerous intersections in Minnesota

Topping the list is the intersection of Hwy. 15 and Hwy. 23 in St. Cloud. Most of the other crossings are in the Twin Cities metro. The rankings are based on the number of crashes and their severity over the past three years.

St. Cloud location of most dangerous intersection in Minnesota

The south junction of Hwy. 23 and Minnesota 15 is the most dangerous intersection in the state, according to data obtained by MinnPost from the Minnesota Department of Transportation. MinnPost listed the 20 most accident prone intersections in the state, based on data collected from 2006 to 2010 -- the most recent available for the analysis.