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New Minnesota-brewed beer made for veterans by veterans


Some disabled military veterans have come up with a tasty new way to help their fellow vets: beer.

Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota stores will soon carry the new brew, which was first created last November in Cold Spring, Minnesota but until now has only been available in Indiana and Illinois.

Veteran Beer's Joshua Bay says, “ten percent of our net profits go toward veterans' charities."

And the company’s workforce will be made up entirely of veterans.

“It's all about changing the momentum of veteran unemployment,” says Bay.

From the Veteran Beer website:

Why the Veteran Beer Company?

Veteran unemployment remains alarmingly high–higher than the rest of the population, with unemployment figures for returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans steady at nearly 20 percent. More shocking still are the unemployment figures for disabled Veterans—with contemporary reports saying that an astonishing 88 percent of those injured in the line of duty out of work.

WDAY reports the Veteran Beer Company makes two kinds of beer, Blonde Bomber American Blonde Ale and The Veteran Amber Lager:

Veteran beer is expected to arrive in stores within the next few weeks. A six-pack will cost about $9.

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