New Minnesota millionaires claim two raffle prizes


A Waterville couple is ringing in the new year as Minnesota's newest millionaires. Alan and Patricia Potter are one of the lucky winners of the Minnesota Millionaire Raffle.

Actually they won two of the New Year prizes, the $1 million and $100 with the two tickets they purchased.

"It’s going to be a life changer," Alan said at a lottery press conference. "I would have been happy with just 100 bucks.”

Even with the winnings, the Potters don't plan to quit their jobs, since they enjoy what they do "too much to quit," lottery press release notes. Alan is a pest control technician, and Patricia is a registered nurse.

KSTP reports the two have been playing the raffle since 2006. Patricia says she thinks they had someone special watching over them this year. The win coincided with her mother's birthday, who passed away last spring, the lottery press release notes.

“She’s definitely shining down on us,” Patricia says.

The Potters are still letting the win "sink in" before making any big investments. The two hinted early retirement might now be an option, but their immediate plan is to splurge by upgrading their airfare to first class for an upcoming trip to Mexico.

The $1 million winning ticket was sold at Mankato Quick Mart, so the retailer will get a $5,000 bonus for the selling the ticket.

Another Minnesota million-dollar raffle prize is unclaimed. The Minnesota Lottery says the second winning ticket was sold in Anoka County.

The raffle sold out, and winners have until Jan. 4, 2016, to claim their prizes.

Here's the rundown of the winners:

● The remaining ticket worth $1 million is in Anoka, and the numbers are 490516.

● Five tickets, each winning $100,000, were sold in Chippewa, Dakota, Hennepin, Washington and Wilkin counties. These winning ticket numbers, in ascending order, are 103652, 323840, 407001, 644137 and 688114.

● Five tickets are each worth $25,000. The winning ticket numbers are 027821, 580500, 634670, 639519 and 690075.

● 10 tickets each won $10,000. The winning ticket numbers are 004293, 138777, 194109, 238973, 339674, 355713, 469976, 477267, 515972 and 579120.

● 100 tickets won $500 each.

● 4,000 tickets each won $100.

● 38 tickets won a bonus merchandise prize, including a 2015 Ford Explorer (ticket number 037962, sold in Hennepin County), 2015 Ford Edge (ticket number 087133, sold in Ramsey County) and a 2015 Ford Mustang (ticket number 379052, sold in Washington County).

Winners of the top prizes must claim the prize in person at the Lottery’s headquarters in Roseville. Call the Lottery’s Public Relations office at 651-635-8271 to make arrangements to claim their prize. Other prizes can be claimed at the lottery office or by mail.

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