New Paul Westerberg song surfaces

The reclusive former frontman for The Replacements has quietly released a new piano ballad called "My Road," but there is no word on whether there's more to come.
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A new song from the reclusive former frontman for Minneapolis band The Replacements has a new piano ballad called "My Road." Local I Will Dare blogger Jodi Chromey tells the Star Tribune that she got the song from Westerberg's manager, and that he said it was OK to post it for download. The Strib talks to his manager, too, but he doesn't say if a tour or album might be coming.

True to form, it's a sad, soulful, smart-aleck tune. It's also a rough cut. He starts the track off badly, swears and begins again.

Westerberg, a legend in the Twin Cities music scene since leading one of the most critically acclaimed indie bands of all time, hasn't turned up much since a 2004 tour. Former bandmate Tommy Stinson let it slip in June that he and Westerberg were working on a tune together.

The Star Tribune's Chris Riemenschneider profiled the enigmatic songwriter last year.

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