'Here to There' is a new podcast about getting around the Twin Cities

It's a peek into the ways that mobility options impact our finances, health, and quality of life.

Whether we're going to work, running errands, or meeting up with friends, getting from place to place is a huge part of our daily lives, but we all do it slightly differently.

A new podcast series called Here to There explores what it's like to commute in the Twin Cities, and what it could be in the future.

Each episode, you "take a trip" with a different Minnesotan. But the destination isn't a place, it's a goal for the metro's mobility system, like accessibility, affordability, sustainability, or equity.

There are 10, 30-40 minute episodes or "trips." Each one starts off by following a Minnesotan as they go about their daily commute, whether it's by car, bike, walking, or public transportation. It's a peek into the ways that mobility options impact peoples' finances, health, and quality of life.

The episode is capped off with a sit-down discussion with a local leader from the field of policy, technology, advocacy or thought. The expert talks about emerging challenges and opportunities in transportation.

Five episodes are out so far. You can stream on iTunes and Stitcher, or directly on the Here to There website.

The website also has a bunch of extras like an interactive map you can click around to read other peoples' transportation trials, tribulations, and testimonies; or take a survey to share your own.

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