New policy forbids NFL teams from posting highlights to social media

A new policy enforced by the NFL, bans teams from posting highlights and GIFs to their social media pages.

Beginning next week NFL teams are no longer to allowed to shoot video from inside a stadium and post it on to their social media.

A new policy from the NFL means teams are forbidden to take highlights from on the field and make it their own. They are also not allowed to take highlights from television and post it directly to their social media. Highlights can not be turned into GIFs either.

This includes: Periscope, Facebook Live or any other video streaming app.

Violations of this new policy could cost teams up to $25,000 for the first instance, up to $50,000 the second time and up to $100,000 for additional violations

According to ESPN, sources said league executives want to ensure the content that is generated in the stadium (such as game highlights) are strictly posted to team websites so the league can, "maintain control of what is disseminated"

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