New strategy to be proposed for managing feral cats in Minneapolis


Stray cats in the city of Minneapolis will be sterilized, not euthanized if a city council member has his way. MPR reports that Councilman Cam Gordon plans to introduce an ordinance to spay and neuter stray felines. He said killing feral cats has proved ineffective in controlling their population.

In 2012, Minneapolis Animal Care & Control euthanized 270 cats it deemed unsuitable for adoption. Many were feral. Feral cats cannot be adopted because they fear and attack humans.

Gordon said that returning sterilized feral cats to their environment will prevent the colony from getting larger.

"So over the generations, this is actually a way to eliminate the feral cats problem," he said.

St. Paul passed an ordinance in 2007 allowing feral cats to be sterilized and released. Independent groups manage the St. Paul sterilizations, which may be an approach Minneapolis will enact.

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