Newly remodeled Stillwater grocery store is 'the future of Cub'

It'll be the chain's new 'flagship'

Take this as yet another sign the Twin Cities grocery business is getting even more competitive. 

On Thursday, Cub Foods unveiled its fully renovated and redesigned location at 1801 Market Drive in Stillwater, which will from now on serve as the chain's "flagship store," a news release says.

There was a lot of fanfare at the "grand reopening," including a ribbon-cutting ceremony, food samplings, giveaways, and even live music.

Wondering why SuperValu, which owns Cub, is making such a big deal about a suburban supermarket opening? 

It's because this is no ordinary grocery store; it carries the company's hopes and ambitions for the future, which, for foodsellers, is looking increasingly complicated because of relentless competition from online retailers like Amazon.

That's why it's tailored to "the needs of today’s shoppers," who are more internet-connected than ever – and thus in search of tangible "experiences" they can't get online.

Hence the new Cub's unusual amenities: a burrito bar, a "juicery," a candy shop, and even a popcorn shop, among other expanded services not typically found at other locations. 

That includes a larger deli with an extra focus on "Quick & Easy Meals," as today's shoppers are also seeking the sort of instant convenience they're used to on the internet

"The new design represents the future of Cub," the company says proudly in its release.

As KARE 11 notes, the revamped location is Cub's "latest weapon" in the ongoing grocery wars of the Twin Cities and beyond.

However, University of Minnesota marketing professor Geroge John tells the station the plan "may not move the needle" in the fight against the competition, as it represents only a "piece" of the larger battle.

The renovated location has been in business for 32 years, the Pioneer Press notes. And it's close to the home office, which is also in Stillwater (though the parent company, Supervalu, is based in Minneapolis).

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