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Nice Ride wants you to explore the Twin Cities with help from their new signs


You may have noticed some new signs at Nice Ride bike-share stations around the Twin Cities.

The "wayfinding" signposts were installed the first week of August, and are designed to help riders map out destinations throughout the cities.

They show four-six destinations and tell riders how many minutes it will take to pedal there, rather than the miles to travel.

The signage system is part of the #Nicerideable campaign created for Nice Ride by creative consultants Persuasion Arts & Sciences.

In a news release Monday, Persuasion Arts & Sciences said the signs are "an attempt to re-orient people’s mental maps of the city" as well as show all of the great places you can visit on a Nice Ride bike – and how close they are.

Destinations on the signposts include well-known spots like food and drink locations, but they also lead to more obscure places such as haunted buildings and "extinct" landmarks like the Metrodome, Nye's Polonaise Room and Glam Slam.

And some of them are puzzles

The destinations are grouped into themes like "Gangster" (famous buildings associated with mobsters like The Hamm Building and The Commodore), "Movie Locations" (places like First Avenue and 331 Club), and "Sound Effects" (Smack Shack, Snap Fitness, etc.).

And some of them are meant to be puzzling.

"The destinations mapped out will be familiar to most, but for visitors, some of the names will be puzzles that only the locals will get," Bill Dossett, Executive Director of Nice Ride MN said in the release.

There are 24 themed groups total and 97 new signs on the system.

Dossett said the signs prove just how bikeable the Twin Cities really are.

You can find a Nice Ride station here.

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