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Nice try: MN State Patrol says driver faked seizure to get out of DWI


The Minnesota State Patrol has officially heard – and seen – every excuse in the book now, thanks to a man they say faked a seizure to get out of a drunk driving arrest on Halloween night.

To the suspect's credit, the alleged act seems to have taken him pretty far.

" target="_blank">According to a Tuesday announcement on the patrol's Facebook, the man apparently started displaying seizure-like symptoms after he was informed that he would be arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), and soon ended up being taken to the hospital.

As the agency tells it, he eventually fessed up to having faked a seizure to escape the legal realities bearing down on him.

The patrol noted that the suspect "will be charged with third-degree DWI," and warned social media users that "faking a seizure will not get you out of a DWI."

But the driver, who the Star Tribune identifies as a 32-year-old Rosemount resident, seems to differ with troopers' account of what happened that night – he told the paper he was cooperative during the arrest, and said "I don't know about that" in reference to the claim that he had faked a medical emergency.

(note: BringMeTheNews generally doesn't name suspects until they're formally charged with crimes)

The incident comes at a time when Minnesota is cracking down on drunk, or impaired, driving.

Earlier this fall, the state's Department of Public Safety (DPS) released the results of a Labor Day DWI enforcement campaign, which ran from Aug. 21 through Sept. 7 and netted over 460 arrests.

That far outstripped the number of arrests during a similar crackdown at the same time last year, when 395 people were busted on suspicion of drunk driving.

According to DPS, while efforts like these have reduced alcohol-related road fatalities in the state, some 100 people die every year in accidents caused by drunk driving, and one in seven Minnesota drivers has a DWI on their record.

Late last month, the agency announced its 2015 list of top 25 “Most Dangerous Drunk Driving Counties.” Hennepin County – home of Minneapolis – came in at No. 1.

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