'Nicest cease and desist' request sent to Minnesota bakery making Peeps

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It looks like a Minnesota bakery's version of a famous marshmallow chick won't be hopping around this Easter.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal reports Peeps parent company, Just Born Co., told Minneapolis-based Angel Food Bakery to stop making its version of the squishy, sugary treats.

Angel Food Bakery sent an email to its customers this week saying, "What dumb peeps we were! ... We had no idea Peeps were a registered trademark of the Just Born Co. in Pennsylvania," according to the Business Journal, and attached to the email was a picture of the marshmallow chicks with Xs where the eyes should be.

The urban bakery said it was the "nicest 'cease and desist' request," according to the Business Journal, and Just Born explained it has to act on every instance it finds to protect the company's trademark.

The bakery had been making the colorful marshmallow chicks for a few years. At the beginning of April, Katy Gerdes, co-owner of Angel Food Bakery, did a segment on Twin Cities Live teaching viewers how to make the treats at home.

Angel Food says it has some ideas for next year that won't get the bakery in any trouble, the Business Journal reports.

This isn't the first time the bakery has gotten into a naming kerfuffle of sorts. Last year, when the "cronut" craze came to Minneapolis, the bakery started selling them, but was careful not to call them "cronuts" because the term was trademarked by the baker who claims to have invented them. However, Angel Food said at the time that one of its bakers had been making them for years, just not selling them.

Angel Food is a bakery and coffee bar that is owned by the founders of Hell's Kitchen – and located right upstairs from the restaurant, according to its website.

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