Nike unveils new Pro Bowl duds - dynamite or disaster?


What's that old saying about putting lipstick on a pig? Perhaps it goes something like this: The NFL, along with Nike, has unveiled the new Pro Bowl uniforms!

Likely the most meaningless of all all-star games will be a snoozer, like it is every year, but at least the players will look snazzy and fierce. Or so the company and the league hope.

Gone are the blue and red that have represented the NFC and AFC teams, respectively, says ESPN. The new colors? Bright orange and volt yellow, the color that Nike has used frequently with the University of Oregon, the favorite team of Nike chairman Phil Knight.

"Nike's boldest move since it began its deal as the official on-field apparel brand of the NFL last season," opines ESPN.

"Worn by some of the league’s best, the uniform features amplified design details like vibrant color accents and Pro Bowl achievement stars on the nameplates," says the press release from the NFL. "Reflecting by the pace of the game, these concept uniforms are punctuated by accents of vibrant orange and volt."

"Concept uniforms"? Okay, can you wear them?

"Designed for optimal ventilation, the Nike NFL Nike Elite 51 Pro Bowl Uniform features a combination of lightweight, breathable fabrics," continues the NFL press release. "Designed and engineered from the inside out, this uniform system is built for the speed and energy of the all-pro event, and the heat of the host city – Honolulu, Hawaii."

Hang loose, Hawaii!

"The Pro Bowl is a stagnant game played by disinterested players, so how can it be revived?" asks NBC's Pro Football Talk. "New Uniforms!"

"While the caliber of play may not be flashy, at least the outfits will be," raves USA Today.

That's funny, we were just saying the same thing about Christian Ponder. Heeey-yooo!

Anyway, get one last look at the old uniforms, because they're gone, baby, gone.

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