Nintendo Switch: Preorders are already sold out at a bunch of places

Almost everywhere that's letting you preorder the Nintendo Switch is sold out already.

Nintendo showed the world the Switch Thursday night – and preorders for the new console are already sold out at major sellers.

Target and Best Buy are both letting people buy a Nintendo Switch ahead of time, to secure one when it releases March 3. It's $299.99 for the main bundle.

But by about 12:45 p.m. Friday, Target had already gone through its preorder inventory, for both the gray and neon color schemes, as well as the neon Joy-Con controllers. Here are the listings:

A spokesperson said if you were able to preorder, you're guaranteed a unit. He also said they don't comment on inventory figures.

Amazon, GameStop and Walmart are also among those offering preorders – but all three were sold out of the standard $300 console bundle by Friday early afternoon too. (Though whether this turns into a repeat of the Great Wii Shortage of 2007 remains to be seen.)

Best Buy still had both color schemes in stock, though the retailer's announcement specifies it'll only be available "while supplies last." So you might want to consider jumping on that if you're excited.

Best Buy spokesperson Shane Kitzman told GoMN once Best Buy is sold out, it'll be immediately reflected on the website – there will be no more option to preorder.

And while the company doesn't comment on inventory or sales, Kitzman said they're excited about the arrival of Switch – and noted the 20 percent off new software deals that's part of the company's Gamers Club Unlocked program is applicable to new Nintendo Switch games.

Best Buy will also be hosting midnight openings for the Switch, including at 17 locations in Minnesota. (You can search for those stores here.)

What you missed from the reveal

Until late Thursday night, all we really knew about the Nintendo Switch was it had a tablet-like screen with detachable controllers on each side, could be played on the go or at home by connecting it to a TV dock, and would be out in 2017.

But Nintendo pulled back the figurative curtains at a late unveiling in Tokyo (it started at 10 p.m. Minnesota time), revealing the price, release date, and more about upcoming games.

The $299.99 standard console bundle comes with: The Nintendo Switch console, two Joy-Con controllers (one for each side of the tablet screen), Joy-Con wrist straps and grip, the dock to connect to the TV, and then an HDMI cable and power cord. Nintendo's whole pitch is that you can take the game wherever you are, and split the screen and Joy-Con controllers to play with friends wherever you are – or use a more traditional controller to play by yourself.

Battery life for the tablet is 2.5-6.5 hours, and the screen (which is also a touchscreen) can output at 720p. In the dock, games can run at 1080p. It'll have 32GB of storage, but that can be expanded with memory cards.

Also, the games will be on little cartridges again – not discs.

Speaking of games ...

There were plenty of game trailers during the presentation, including ...

Zelda: Breath of the Wild (which will launch with the console on March 3):

Super Mario Odyssey (which seems to be Mario-meets-Grand Theft Auto):

Something called 1-2 Switch that lets you play party games without a screen (interesting):

And more. Check out Nintendo's YouTube channel.

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