No bad-mouthing, says proposed separation agreement between Harteau and Minneapolis

It says there must be no bad-mouthing between Harteau and city officials.
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The City of Minneapolis has released a separation agreement proposal for former police chief Janeé Harteau. 

Harteau resigned at the request of Mayor Betsy Hodges in July, shortly after the death of Justine Damond. The former chief's term wasn't supposed to end until January of 2019.

According to the city document, Harteau would get nearly $183,000, which the Star Tribune says would be about 13 months of pay. She'd also get a year's worth of health benefits. 

On top of that, Harteau and city officials would agree not to say bad things about each other. 

The 'non-disparagement' clause

That's the official name for the part of the document that says Harteau can't bad-mouth the City and vice versa – even if what they're saying is factual. 

The document clarifies that "the City" refers to city council members, department heads, and the mayor. 

It's pretty publicly known that Mayor Betsy Hodges and Harteau have had a strained relationship, full of clashes. So if this separation agreement is approved, they apparently won't be able to say bad things about each other anymore. 

Darren Sharp, an attorney at Schaefer Halleen LLC, tells the Star Tribune that this kind of agreement is not uncommon. 

A city council committee is expected to go over this agreement on September 13. Then it'll go to the full council for approval.

Harteau is currently working as a consultant, coach and motivational speaker.

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