No carnitas for diners at some Minnesota Chipotles as chain pulls pork from menu


If you're heading to Chipotle tonight and have a hankering for carnitas, you might be out of luck.

The wildly popular Mexican grill chain has pulled pork (sorry) from the menu at hundreds of its restaurants after it suspended a supplier for violating its standards, ABC News reports.

The restaurant group makes a point of only using the meat from "responsibly-raised" free-range pigs that are fed a vegetarian diet. But a routine audit found one of its suppliers failing to uphold its high standards, the news station says.

According to the Star Tribune, Chipotles in Minneapolis, Cottage Grove, Rochester and St. Paul are among those affected in Minnesota, with signs on doors telling customers of the issue.

The newspaper says that Chipotle restaurants sometimes serve beef that doesn't meet its standards and informs customers that they are purchasing beef that is "conventionally raised," but has said this substitution will not be happening with its carnitas – which is braised, shredded pork served in burritos, tacos and other dishes.

Fox News says that a third of Chipotle's 1,700-plus restaurants are affected, and Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold said there's no indication how long it will last.

In an email statement, reported by the Wall Street Journal, Arnold said: "The differences in animal welfare between pigs raised this way and pigs that are conventionally raised [are] stark, and we simply won’t compromise our standards this way."

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