No cash, no problem: You can now tip Minneapolis Uber drivers via the app

Right now, in-app tipping is only available in three cities. It'll be everywhere later this summer.

Let's say you just had the most incredible Uber ride ever and a five-star rating simply isn't enough to say thank you. Problem is, you don't have any money to tip.

Uber announced Tuesday you can now tip within the app in certain cities.

The ride sharing company explained it's only offering the service in three cities for now: Minneapolis, Seattle and Houston.

Over the next few weeks, Uber plans to expand to more cities. So by the end of July, it will be available everywhere it operates.

Wait, are you supposed to tip?

Tipping was never required. Uber even says on its website that the service was always meant to be a cash-free experience. However, should one decide to tip the driver, the driver can totally accept.

UberTAXI is a different story, though. Since it uses actual yellow cabs, tips are calculated into the total cost.

Transportation services are generally considered things you should tip for (with the exception of government funded transportation). According to Business Insider, 10 percent is usually a good amount to tip – or at least $2.

How it works if you're a driver

Uber says you should be notified via email and the app that tipping is now available.

To start accepting tips, just download the latest version of the app and tap "accept tips."

Anything that's tipped goes directly to you, and you can cash out anytime.

How it works if you're a rider

You'll also have to update your app.

Once your ride is over, you'll have the option to add a tip as you rate your Uber driver.

You'll have 30 days to add a tip, if you want. UberEATS customers can tip up to a week afterwards.

Uber's 180 Days of Change

This is just the beginning of what Uber is calling its 180 Days of Change.

The ride sharing company says it's going to be making some improvements – some big and some small. And they're all changes customers have asked for.

Other changes include a shorter cancellation window – 2 minutes instead of 5 minutes. Drivers will also be paid if they have to wait more than 2 minutes. You can learn more about some of the new changes here.

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