No charges for cop involved in motorcycle crash after Uptown shooting


Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau said there will be no charges brought against an officer involved in a fatal motorcycle crash that preceded the shooting death of Terrance Franklin in Uptown on May 10.

Ivan Romero Olivares, 24, was also killed that day after the motorcycle he was operating collided with a police squad car. Oliveras girlfriend, 20-year-old Joselin Torrejon-Villamil, who was seated behind him was injured, but survived.

At the time, multiple squad cars were responding to the incident involving Franklin, 22, a burglary suspect, who had broken into a home at 2717 Bryant Ave. S before he was shot and killed by police.

A police SUV driven by officer Joshua Young was traveling on Blaisdell Avenue S. en route to the scene and had gone through a red light at 26th Street.

Harteau said the police SUV's lights and sirens were turned on and the vehicle slowed to 16-17 mph before entering the intersection, according to data collected by the squad's computer system.

The motorcycle slammed into the rear passenger area of the squad, killing Olivares.

At Thursday's news conference, Harteau showed dash cam video that captured the crash, saying "this is not an example of an officer being over the line."

As for Franklin's case, a grand jury cleared five officers involved in his attempted arrest of any wrongdoing. The investigation concluded that Franklin charged at the officers and used one of their guns to shoot and injure two of them.

Franklin's family disputes the department's version of events and plans to file a civil suit against Minneapolis police.

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