No charges for officers who shot, killed St. Paul carjacking suspect


The St. Paul police officers who fatally shot a 20-year-old carjacking suspect during an exchange of gunfire will not be indicted (charged with a crime) for their actions.

The Ramsey County Attorney's Office said in a news release a grand jury decided there was not probable cause to charge the two involved police officers with a crime for the shooting death of Yee Vang.

(Note: The technical term for a grand jury doing this is "returning a no bill." All that means is, they didn't think there was enough evidence to return an indictment and charge the person.)

The 20-year-old Vang was killed during a shootout with police on Aug. 3, which came after Vang reportedly crashed a car, stole a bike, then carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint, according to earlier reports.

Officers began pursuing the vehicle, authorities said, until Vang reportedly stopped, got out of the driver's side door, and began shooting at police, who then returned fire.

He was struck and died on the way to the hospital.

The grand jury – which is made up of 23 citizens, and requires 12 people to agree to an indictment – determined the officers' use of deadly force was authorized, based on state statutes, the attorney's office said.

The incident came just days after the slaying of Mendota Heights police officer Scott Patrick in West St. Paul, which was followed by a lengthy manhunt and shootout.

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