No Daudt on booze ban vote: House Speaker pushes Sunday measure again


It's the saga that keeps on going – after numerous false starts and failed attempts, a repeal of Minnesota's Sunday liquor sales ban may be up for another vote this year.

Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt is promising that the issue will go before lawmakers before the end of the 2015 legislative session.

In an interview with MPR Friday, Daudt "guaranteed" that a proposal to overturn the state's Sunday sales ban would "come up as an amendment on the House floor" soon, possibly in the next few weeks.

Whether it actually passes he can't be so sure of – while vowing to vote "yes" on the measure himself, similar bills have failed to pass the legislature before.

Additionally, the legislation has formidable foes: the Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association and theMinnesota Licensed Beverage Association, both groups that lobby on behalf of the state's liquor store owners and "beverage retailers."

They contend that small, local storeowners might not see enough revenue on Sundays to justify staying open seven days a week.

However, Daudt and his supporters have an ally in Governor Mark Dayton, who has said he'll sign a Sunday liquor sales authorization should it come across his desk, the Star Tribune reports.

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