With testimony finished, the Brian Fitch murder trial could end Monday


Both sides in the murder trial of Brian Fitch have rest their case, and a verdict could come as early as Monday.

FOX 9 reporter Paul Blume says Fitch, who stands accused of killing Mendota Heights police officer Scott Patrick last July, did not testify as part of his defense, and no defense witnesses were called.

With both sides having finished presenting their cases at Stearns County District Court, the jury will return Monday for closing arguments, then be handed the case.

The trial entered its sixth day of testimony Thursday, with KARE 11 reporting the court was told DNA on a bullet found where Patrick was fatally shot matched the police officer, while blood on the alleged murder weapon matched Fitch.

The St. Cloud Times reports testimony was given on Wednesday by career criminal Claude Crookston, who said Fitch had given him a hand-drawn map while in prison leading to the houses of his ex-girlfriend Taya Moran, and Laurie Pocock, who both provided information to the police against him.

Crookston said Fitch wanted him to hire someone to kill both women, but Fitch's attorneys suggested his testimony was motivated by a bid to get his sentence reduced, the Star Tribune reports.

Earlier this week, jurors were shown video footage of the last moments of Patrick's life taken from his patrol car's dash cam.

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