No 'depth charge' for you, Caribou lawyer tells Duluth coffee shop

"Deep charge" is also not good enough.

Another Duluth coffee shop is being told to change the name of one of its drinks because Caribou has it trademarked.

Grand World had a "depth charge" on its menu – that's a cup of coffee with an espresso shot added. But a few months ago, they got a cease-and-desist letter from Caribou, saying "depth charge" is their term so Grand World needs to stop using it, the Duluth Budgeteer reports.

The coffee shop then swapped it to "deep charge," only to get another cease and desist from Caribou, saying it's still too similar. They posted the letter on Facebook March 6. It clarifies the new name should "not contain the terms DEPTH, DEEP, CHARGE, or variations of those terms."

To pick a new name, they're asking customers to offer up ideas on Facebook. Right now, KBJR 6 says it's on the menu as ... a blank spot.

Beaner's Central, which is also in Duluth, faced a similar situation in 2014 – getting a cease and desist from Caribou over the "depth charge" label.

It's important to note that a cease-and-desist letter isn't a ruling, or a 100-percent-for-sure decision. Instead, as WorkMadeForHire explains, it's a legal warning from a party that feels like it could be harmed by your actions, and is the opinion only of one attorney.

It also doesn't guarantee a lawsuit will be filed. But if it gets to that point, the cease-and-desist letter is essentially the first step.

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