No longer 'Famous Dave,' he's starting over with a new BBQ joint in Hayward


Famous Dave's may have made Dave famous, but the barbecue chain Dave Anderson founded is now in his rear view mirror.

Anderson is starting over with a new brand he's calling Old Southern BBQ Smokehouse. An April 14 opening is planned in Hayward, Wisconsin – the same town where he opened the original Famous Dave's restaurant in 1994.

A couple of years later Famous Dave's went public. In a Facebook post Wednesday, Anderson called that move "the worst decision of my life," saying the chain he founded is now run by Wall Street investors.

Anderson also says the past year has been difficult for him because he severed his relationship with Famous Dave's a year ago, but had to keep quiet about it.

Anderson had been a consultant to the chain and helped with marketing but the Star Tribune reports his separation included a year-long non-compete agreement.

The day after it ended Anderson stepped back into the public light – telling the Star Tribune he's happy to be back in the smoke pit and rolling out a new Facebook page for Old Southern BBQ, which says it's "celebrating the All American BBQ party."

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