No more unlimited internet – Comcast will cap data use in MN

Starting Nov. 1, your Xfinity internet data will have a cap. If you go over, you'll be charged for it.

Soon unlimited data will be a thing of the past for Comcast customers.

In an email sent Thursday and posted to Reddit, the internet service provider explains that as of Nov. 1, customers in some areas will have a terabyte data cap.


Fairness. That's what the company says, anyways.

"Those who use more Internet data, pay more. And those who use less Internet data, pay less," according to an Xfinity data usage FAQ.

Who's affected?

So far, 16 states – or parts of states – are already under the Xfinity Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan.

And starting in November, 18 more areas – including Minnesota and Wisconsin – will also have the terabyte data caps.

If you get internet through Comcast and will be affected by the changes, you probably already got the email.

Otherwise, to see if you're affected by the plan, click here and enter your zip code or check your account.

How much is a TB? What if I go over?

It looks like Comcast is putting a lot of effort into saying a terabyte data cap isn't a big deal. Just look at the company's email or data FAQs.

Comcast says that much data is enough to stream between 600 and 700 hours of HD video. Or you could use the data to play online games for more than 12,000 hours, or stream more than 15,000 hours of music, or upload more than 60,000 hi-res photos.

Basically, the company says you shouldn't worry because only 1 percent of their customers use more than a terabyte.

And for the 1 percent that goes over, Comcast will automatically add 50 GB for $10 when you go over. And the highest overcharge you will get is $200. But your internet will never be canceled.

Comcast is also giving customers two "courtesy months," or months that you won't be charged if you go over.

Regardless, the change has people pretty upset. You can check out discussions from some less-than-satisfied customers on Reddit.

Some argue what the Star Tribune reports: that a terabyte seems like a lot now, but data demand is always on the rise. So what's enough now might not be for long.

You can view your usage by logging into your account and checking your Usage Meter. Or get the app.

And if you still want unlimited data, that's an option. It costs $50 dollars extra.

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