No refrigeration needed: Hormel debuts shelf-ready egg products


After five years of work, Hormel has created an egg dish it says needs no refrigeration.

On Wednesday, the Austin, Minnesota-based company announced the "Hormel Compleats" breakfast line, which features four single-serve meals – including two made with real eggs.

This is the industry's first shelf-stable breakfast meal to include real eggs, according to a press release.

"It took five years to innovate the technology necessary to have a great-tasting shelf-stable egg. The process dramatically shortens the cooking time to make it possible to produce items with eggs and dairy that taste great," Luis Marconi, vice president of grocery products marketing at Hormel, said in the press release.

How do you make a shelf-stable egg? The same way home-preserved vegetables are made. The egg dishes are prepared in a large pressure cooker and then sealed under pressure to preserve them, the Star Tribune says. Doing this makes the dish last longer on the shelf while maintaining its flavor, Hormel told the newspaper.

This isn't the first time Hormel has been on the forefront of food innovation – nearly a century ago the company was the first to can ham, the Star Tribune says.

Hormel thinks the product is just what people who are too busy for breakfast need – people can bring it to work without keeping it in the refrigerator and they take only one minute to heat up, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal says.

Hormel Compleats are available at grocery stores nationwide, the company says.

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