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No sex in this city: Madison wants burlesque sign to go-go


Madison may be a hotbed of liberal politics in some regards, but apparently not in matters of taste.

The city of Madison, Wis., has ordered the owners of a strip club to cover a racy new outdoor sign, according to the Associated Press, but it's not at all for the reasons you might think.

At least that's how city leaders would have it, with the city's Building Inspection Division ordering Visions Nightclub to remove an 8-foot, black-on-white painting of a cartoonish woman on a pole on the front of the building, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

The order is based on a violation of the public sign ordinance, not the content, the inspections director tells the Journal. It's not at all about the content, he says.

The city does not allow signs to be directly painted on a building. And the area of the sign, combined with existing signage on the structure, likely exceeded the total permitted signage area on the facade, according to the Journal.

Hey, no fair, says one of Visions’ owners - the club is being singled out. He said other businesses have larger murals painted on them

In fact, another of the club's owners tells WMTV that his son painted the topless woman as a Father's Day present. He wants to make it bigger.

"If they would let me do a mural I'd like to do a chorus line all around, that would be befitting, a burlesque chorus," he tells the station.

But others, of course, are thinking of the children. "It puts a lot of parents in an uncomfortable situation," one city alderman tells the station.

Here's video of WMTV's report:

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