No shots fired: Alleged teen gunmen in St. Paul standoff stand down


They went in with combat fatigues, body armor and assault rifles – and came out quietly with three youths in handcuffs.

That was the scene in St. Paul's North End Friday afternoon, where a SWAT team was called on a report of a gun-wiedling man in a house, the Pioneer Press reports.

However, despite the heavily armed response, the situation ended with the three juveniles in custody, St. Paul police announced on Twitter.

According to MPR, it all started with a call from a man who told police he'd spotted his stolen car in front of the Stinson Avenue home – he apparently knew the occupants, and when he went to talk to them, one of the teens inside the house allegedly pulled out a firearm.

The station says the police standoff was resolved after a period of negotiations, and charges are pending for the three arrested.

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