Ventura trial jurors to resume deliberations Thursday


The 10-member jury deciding the fate of former Gov. Jesse Ventura's defamation lawsuit against the estate of “American Sniper” author and former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle has ended its second day of deliberations without reaching a verdict.

Jurors met from about 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Wednesday at the federal courthouse in St. Paul, the Associated Press reports. They received the case about noon Tuesday after hearing closing arguments from attorneys for Ventura and Kyle's estate.

The jury posed two questions to presiding judge Richard Kyle Wednesday, which he discussed with the attorneys in his chambers. One conversation took place shortly after 8 a.m., and the other occurred in mid-afternoon, according to the Star Tribune.

The attorneys did not disclose what the questions were, nor how the judge responded. That information is usually made public once the trial is over, the Star Tribune reports.

Ventura's lawsuit claims Kyle fabricated a story he included in is 2012 bestselling book, in which Kyle said he punched out another man he called “Scruff Face” during a bar fight in 2006. Kyle later identified “Scruff Face” as Ventura.

Witnesses called by Kyle's attorney corroborated his account of the bar fight. Ventura denies it happened, and some of his companions backed up his account.

Kyle was shot and killed on a Texas gun range in 2013, and Ventura continued the suit against his estate and widow, Taya Kyle.

Ventura claims the book harmed his reputation and caused him to lose income.

The jurors must first decide whether Ventura was defamed. If they deem that he was, they must determine how much Ventura should receive in damages. Ventura is asking for millions of dollars.

The jury will resume deliberations Thursday.

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