No, Wisconsin, Coors Light isn't creating 60-packs just for you

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Making the rounds this week online was a story saying Coors Light will start selling 60-packs of its beer – just in Wisconsin.

The blog site College Peep Show posted this last week, saying MillerCoors had announced a "Wisconsin Pak" containing 60 12-ounce cans of Coors Light to celebrate the brand overtaking Bud Light as the best-selling beer in the state.

It came complete with a MillerCoors "statement" that references Wisconsin's status as America's binge-drinking capital.

"Collectively, no other citizens drink beer like Wisconsin’s," it said. "It would end up being on the shelf too long to be practical. By comparison, the Wisconsin consumer will drink a 60-pack in little more than a week."

The post, which include a couple of pictures of Coors Light 60 packs, gained traction, with word spreading on Reddit and a handful of news agencies including Buzn 102.9 in the Twin Cities, which said "now there's another reason to go to Wisconsin."

Unfortunately for beer fans, it's a hoax, one that was busted on Wednesday by CityPages, which got it straight from the horse's mouth.

"The post making its way around social media is completely made up," Jonathan Stern, head of media relations for MillerCoors, told CityPages. "We regret any confusion it may have caused."

It such a shame as well, because people were so happy.

The pictures in the College Peep Show post came from Canada, where Coors Light is actually sold in 60 packs in some parts of the country.

So that's where you need to go for a mega-sized fix of beer.

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