Nolan launches bid to roll back court ruling on corporate campaign donations


Minnesota Democrat Rick Nolan has only been back in Congress for about six weeks, but he's set an ambitious goal: Nolan wants the change the U.S. Constitution.

Nolan is introducing a Constitutional amendment aimed at rolling back corporate contributions to political campaigns.

The Supreme Court in the landmark Citizens United case ruled that campaign contributions are a form of free speech protected by the First Amendment. Nolan's proposal would declare that Constitutional rights are extended to individuals, not to corporations or companies.

MinnPost reports even Nolan does not expect Congress to approve the measure this year. But he's confident it will pass some time, perhaps in five or ten years.

Nolan and a freshman Democrat from Wisconsin, Mark Pocan, are introducing the amendment Tuesday. They're working with an advocacy group called Move to Amend.

Nolan says compared to when he first served in Congress in the late 1970's and early '80's, fundraising consumes far more of a Representative's time and effort. He tells the Star Tribune that in a recent orientation session with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee he was advised to spend four hours a day raising campaign contributions, compared to two hours a day on legislative work.

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