North America's oldest living snow monkey turns 30 at Minn. Zoo

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"Nikko," the oldest living snow monkey in North America and the fourth-oldest in the world on record, celebrated his 30th birthday at the Minnesota Zoo Wednesday.

Nikko came to the zoo in Apple Valley in 2001.

"As one of the dominant males, he has always been laid back – helping to maintain peace within in the troop which is not typical of male macaques. We believe that his personality has helped him survive almost twice as long as a typical male.” Minnesota and Tropics Trail Supervisor Tom Ness said.

Three snow monkeys older than Nikko reside in Europe. According to the international studbook, two macaques in Czechoslovakia are 32 years old and one in Rome is 31 years old.

Out of all male snow monkeys, living and deceased, only seven have been older than Nikko.

Watch Nikko open his present:

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