North America's oldest snow monkey celebrates his birthday at the MN Zoo

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Nikko, one of the Minnesota Zoo's snow monkeys, celebrated his 33rd birthday Wednesday.

Nikko is the oldest snow monkey in North America, according to the zoo's Facebook post, and the zoo says he has reached a milestone for his species.

Snow monkeys typically live to be about 30 years old, the zoo's website saysWCCO reports Nikko has lived longer than 99.5 percent of other male snow monkeys. He came to the zoo back in 2001, the news station says.

Here's video of Nikko's birthday celebrations:

More on wild snow monkeys

In the wild, snow monkeys live farther north than any other non-human primate – their fur (which grows thicker as temperatures get colder) helps them survive the climate in northern Japan, the Minnesota Zoo says.

Snow monkeys spend much of their day foraging for food – they eat fruit, plants, small animals, insects, crops and soil, and in the winter they rely on bark. The primates have cheek pouches, so they can stash their extra food and chew it later.

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