North Dakota farmer plows massive Prince symbol in his field

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Minnesotans have come up with a lot of ways to honor Prince, from illuminating buildings in purple to floating ideas of renaming places after the late musician.

And recently, a farmer from North Dakota decided to pay a tribute to Prince by using his own resources and crops.

According to the Forum, 75-year-old Gene Hanson of Edgdley, which is just south of Jamestown, hopped in his tractor and plowed a football field-sized Prince symbol in one of his crop fields.

Hanson says in the Facebook post that it only took him 45 minutes to do. And when he went up in a plane to see how it turned out, Hanson says he was surprised by how good it looked.

The 75-year-old says he didn't even use a GPS to mark points to create the image. He just "drew" it freehand.

"I taped that little (Prince symbol) on the hood of my tractor and just went by that," Hanson tells the Forum.

And this isn't the first time the farmer has used his fields for a special message.

Hanson tells the Forum the Prince symbol was only temporary and he needs to get the field ready for growing corn. But the farmer is already planning his next work of art: something for Memorial Day.

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