North Dakota farmstead could be yours for a short essay (plus a small donation)

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A North Dakota woman is giving away her family's farmstead for a well-written essay, plus a small donation.

Alexis Bevre, of Colfax, about 30 miles south of Fargo, got the idea after hearing about a woman in Maine who used an essay contest to give away her bed and breakfast, Forum News reports.

Bevre is asking those interested to donate any amount through an Indiegogo crowdfunding page. If she raises $625,000 in 60 days, those who donated will be able to enter the 250-word essay contest to win the farmstead and $25,000.

"At the end of the day ... your chances of winning a farmstead are better than winning the lottery," Bevre told Forum News.

However, if she doesn't raise the money (which will go towards paying off the farm's mortgage, among other fees associated with the contest), the whole thing is off, and those who donated won't be charged, the Indiegogo page notes. If all that's raised, it'll leave Bevre and her husband with about $150,000 – the amount she paid for the farmstead, the contest notes.

The Bevres list how the money will be spent on the Indiegogo page:

  • $31,250 to Indiegogo. (5%)
  • $31,250 to paypal for transaction fees. (3-5%)
  • $237,500 to Uncle Sam for taxes.
  • $25,000 for the winner to relocate and purchase farm equipment
  • $300,000 to pay off current mortgage and towards purchase of a different homestead for the Bevre Family of similar value.

Bevre told Forum News she estimates her farmstead is worth between $200,000 and $250,000. The centennial farm has been in the Bevre family since 1879 when they settled in Colfax from Norway, the contest website says.

The Bevres are also entering a contest to win a goat farm in Alabama, the publication notes.

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