North Dakota ranks dead last in worker safety


North Dakota is the most dangerous state to work in, with a worker fatality rate of 12.4 per 100,000 workers in 2011, according to the annual AFL-CIO report on worker safety and health. That is the highest rate in the nation.

The says Dickinson Press there were 44 fatalities in North Dakota in 2011.

“Our industries are petroleum — which is not considered a particularly safe industry — agriculture is not considered a particularly safe industry and we also have a fair amount of heavy manufacturing, which is not relatively safe. … If we were Connecticut and we all worked in office buildings all day long, we would have a much better rate," Gov. Jack Dalrymple told the newspaper.

"I`d like to see more worker involvement and more worker involvement in safety and every other aspect of their work," North Dakota AFL-CIO President Tom Ricker told KMOT-TV

Click here, for the full 2013 "Death on the Job" report.

Meanwhile, North Dakota's booming oil fields have led to record low unemployment and rising wages.

A new study from researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis showed the economic benefits of the energy boom is rippling through Minnesota, the Pioneer Press reports. An effect on wage growth and unemployment was seen more than 100 miles away from the oil producing area.

Click here, for the complete the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis study.

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