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Aurora borealis lights up Minnesota's sky; more possible tonight?

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As promised after a direct-facing sunspot eruption, the northern lights (aka aurora borealis) were visible across portions of northern Minnesota's sky this week.

And they could be back tonight.

Paul Douglas with the Star Tribune says with the recent solar flares, there's a "good chance" Minnesotans get to see the shimmering green lights Saturday night into Sunday.

Check out the photos from Star Tribune visual journalist Brian Peterson in St. Louis County.

And if you snapped a good photo over the past two days (or get one tonight!) and want to share, we'd love to see it. Just email it to, or put it on our Facebook page. One Canadian photographer even put together some tips for capturing the lights.

Here's a small sampling of what's been captured so far.

Then there's this Imgur user, who was out looking for the northern lights but got a shooting star instead.

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