Northstar commuter train strikes abandoned vehicle in Elk River


A northbound Northstar Commuter Rail line train struck an abandoned car on the tracks near Elk River Monday morning, WCCO reports.

Metro Transit says no injuries were reported and buses were deployed for commuters.

The Star Tribune says the crash happened about 7 a.m., when the train struck the vehicle in the crossing at Proctor Avenue northwest of Elk River.

The accident occurred during the fifth and an final inbound run for the commuter line Monday morning, the paper says. The accident delayed the trip for commuters by 20-30 minutes.

Metro Transit spokesman John Siqveland says the train was cleared to operate but was "departing significantly later than the 7:21 scheduled time," according to the Star Tribune.

Meanwhile, metro commuters are experiencing traffic snarls due to the heavy snowfall Monday morning. By the time the winter storm warning elapses at noon, the Twin Cities is expected to have 4 to 6 inches of new snow.

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